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Value Waste Services is a service first company that believes in the dignity and goodness of honest work. Our core service is door-to-door trash and recycling. Our consistent high quality of service, regular client interface, and industry leading pricing set us apart from the competition. We are determined to help you keep residents happy and your community clean, ultimately leading to increased value at your community. 

We want you to experience the difference of excellent service.


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We are proud to serve our wonderful clients and gladly share some of the positive reviews we've received.

Door to Door Trash Service

We are proud to offer the best pricing in the market, while providing an extremely high quality of service to residents and management. Services include:

  • Five night per week trash and recycling pickup
  • Cardboard box removal
  • Five night per week dumpster and trash compactor cleanup
  • Flexible contracts that work best for property managers and owners
  • Pet waste station cleanup
  • Brand new trash cans to every apartment home
  • Provision of communication material to residents
  • Direct service line for residents
  • Regular communication with management
  • Bulk trash pickup options

Bulk Trash Pickup

Bulk trash is an eye soar on properties. We respond quickly to take care of your problems.

We offer fair and honest pricing, take pictures of the loads we remove, and are usually able to respond the day of the request to take care of your bulk trash problem. 

Power Washing

Every once in a while, breezeways, stairwells, and parking garages need to be power washed. Our professionals are experienced in power washing and make sure your property looks pristine once we're done. We begin by blowing all debris from the breezeways and proceed to power wash, leaving your grounds looking as good as new.

We work closely with management to inform residents when their building will be cleaned. We work professionally and as quietly as possible, keeping in mind that your community is a home to residents.




VWS LLC is proud to pick up trash for over 3000 residents in Austin, TX and College Station, TX five nights per week. We are a quickly growing company who makes quality and responsiveness our number one goals.



Austin, TX
College Station, TX
Houston, TX (Coming soon)
Dallas, TX (Coming soon)


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John Claybrook

John Claybrook

About the CEO

John founded VWS the only way he knew how: by doing every job himself until the company grew to a point that he needed to hire teammates. He believes deeply in the virtues of honesty, integrity, and hard work.

He attended Texas A&M University where he earned a degree in finance and also served as student body president, managing a multi-million dollar budget and an organization of over 2,000 students, all while representing 56,000 students – at the time, the sixth largest student body in the nation. He founded multiple organizations and causes that are thriving to this day.

John’s early career was spent in the startup world, mostly in technology operations and government relations. He spent time in New York City and Washington, D.C. working for a national political organization and subsequently served as the deputy campaign manager for a presidential campaign, managing all state operations and roughly 10,000 volunteers.

He and his wife, Kelli, are partners at The Austin Stone Community Church and love spending time on the lake with their black lab, Lady.

 John’s promises as CEO:

1.      Defer praise to our team, while accepting all failure as my own.

2.      Never ask anyone to do a job I’m unwilling to do myself.

3.      Personally check in with clients every month, or more often, if desired.

4.      Relentlessly pursue to provide the highest quality of service in the industry.

5.      Treat every individual with respect.

6.      Expect and settle for nothing but the best from our team.